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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Haz-Mat Investigation 5/15/2014

*Haz-Mat Investigation* 5175 W San Fernando Rd; MAP; FS 50; #AtwaterVillage; Approximate 20" oil
line in an above ground section, from unk company, broke spilling
approximately 1 million gallons of crude oil onto streets. Oil line was
remotely shut off. LAFD containing runoff. LAFD tractor company &
Haz-Mat on scene. Street Maintenance assisting with sand. No injury.
Visitors vehicles of a nearby Gentleman's club are impacted. DOT
assisting w/ traffic. Governor's Office of Emergency Services and Fish &
Game notified. NFD. Dispatched: BC2 DC1 E210 E221 E235 E250 E420 E44 E48
EM1 RA35 RA56 SQ21 T10 T21 T35 T50; Ch:7,12 @ 0:16 AM - #ErikScott ###